What to see in Lombok?

After camping on a live Volcano, “Mount Rinjani (link opens in new tab)”, I decided to chill off on some laid back beaches/town of Lombok. My trek to Rinjani completed in Senaru. A shared taxi from Senaru dropped me to another small town named, Sengigi. While I did not find beaches of Sengigi to be too attractive mainly due to black volcanic sand. Accommodation is Sengigi is also costly due to more beach resorts.

Pura Batu Bolong (Sengigi)

Batu Bolong is small beach side, Hindu temple in Sengigi. Nothing fancy about the temple. Temple itself is made of Black rocks created as a result of volcanic activity. There is no entry fees but a small donation is required to get a sarong. Most temples in Indonesia mandates wearing sarongs before entering. However sunset views were worth a watch.


Entry gate of batu Bolong


One of many Hindu deities


Beach side temple made from Black volcanic rocks


Golden Hour of photography


As sun starts setting hues of orange fill the sky

Mawun Beach


A panoramic view of the beach

I hired a bike from Sengigi and decided to do a day trip to Kuta, Lombok. Mawun Beach is very relaxing, quite and laid-back. I really liked it. As opposed other touristy beach of Indonesia, Mawun is still lesser know.

Mawun beach is in a shape of crescent moon sandwiched by hills on both sides. It looks more like a bay. Beach is very popular among swimmers and surfers. Since i visited just after monsoon, hills on both sides of beach were having amazing green color. Blue water of sea contrasts perfectly with green color of the hills. I climbed the nearby hill to watch the entire bay in glory. Hike is a bit steep but views are amazing.


View of the entire bay from nearby hill


Low tide reveal these small rocks. You may easily go far at time of low tide as water is shallow.


A local fishermen throwing his net to capture some fortune near Mawun beach

Ashtari cafe

After spending entire day on Mawun beach i decided to head back to Sengigi.Since it was hot and humid, I stopped by Ashtari cafe to have my late lunch and a coffee. This place is very easy to miss if you are not actually staying in Kuta area. Best part about Ashtari is, it is built right on the edge of the cliff. Open air seating area is a lovely setup.I would have loved to spend the evening here but I had to leave as I was planning to head back to Gili Islands after Sengigi. I would suggest to stay in Kuta instead of Sengigi in Lombok. Kuta is the hub of all best places in Lombok mainland.


Entrance to the cafe


Mouth watering Spring Rolls


Views from the cafe


A traditional Indonesian marriage while on my visit to Kuta

6 thoughts on “What to see in Lombok?

  1. Andapo

    Very well writen… I know how it is to trek and camp on volcanoes seeing yer blog only… lot of rock creations here… I went for another night trek, and this time it was rock climbing and somebody had to pull me up all the time and I got tired and thristhy as well… but I saw stars at night(:, even sun rays and nice veiws… so my reason for night trek is complete I just wanted to lie under stars(: … yes these people the trekker maybe first timers or otherwise, pretty kool otherwise everyone other than the trekkies think night trek is weird stuff though I know it is becoming super common with all the groups… so is that lady who is dancing getting married where is the bride and groom and those spring rolls, my still loves them… I have learn to appreaciate rocks and geography with the night treks… hidden water springs up from somewhere(: , caves in some places, temple structures around, ofcourse winds and nice views which make everyone’s day … I will like to read that volcano trek again and see the photos, it’s not everywhere you go for such treks.

    1. Ankur Post author

      Looks like you are falling in love with night trekking 🙂
      Getting close to nature, and spending time appreciating natural beauty has its own charm.
      Your experience is compelling me to take up another trek soon. But I am not planning any more treks right now. I will go to a trek in Nepal some day, perhaps after i return to India.

      The lady dancing in last picture is a dancer entertaining the gathering and not the bride. I could not see the bride. Groom was sitting with his folks, while this lady was performing.

      1. Andapo

        chalo I went as a gift for myself, since my b’day is in 12th oct, today(:… you compel me to check out stars and volcanoes and Indonesia(: …yes lets hope Nepal has no disaster events that time(:

        1. Ankur Post author

          Belated Happy Birthday 🙂
          Indonesia is totally worth a visit. Please go and feel the nerve.
          I have never felt a earthquake live, so i hope when i go to Nepal I get to feel a real big one 😉

  2. Indrani

    Great pics. I have read so much about the Hindu temples there… they have a special place in my heart. Hopefully some day!
    Don’t wish for earth quakes they are devastating!

    1. Ankur Post author

      Thanks Indrani. Bali and nearby areas still have nice presence of Bali Hindus. And its great to read and see about Hindu temples/Culture outside India. I am glad you liked this post.
      Never in my dream would i wish a natural disaster for any country. I can imagine how years of progress gets down the drain with each natural disaster. Please don’t miss the pun 😉

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