Walking on crater of Mount Bromo

After viewing the amazing Sunrise over Mt Bromo, we headed to next viewpoint.

Crater (caldera) of Mt Bromo (Height: 2157m)

Walking on crater of Mt Bromo

Edge of Crater of Mt Bromo. Can you spot a person on edge of crater on top left?

This viewpoint is as close as one can get to the volcano. You can see crater mouth and smoke spewing off the volcano, as if water boiling in a huge bowl. Jeep or Ojek (motor cycle taxi) will take 15-20 minute to reach here from first viewpoint. 20 minute walk across “Sea of sand” or pony ride and 15 minute climb on stairs (nearly 250 steps) will bring you to the crater of Bromo. A protective grill has been installed at the top as it is dangerous if someone slips inside the crater. A meter wide ledge takes you around the crater but it is dangerous as no protective grill is installed here. If sulfur smoke is not flowing in your direction, you may spend some time on the top.

Walking on crater of Mt Bromo

Looking Back. Making way to crater amid ‘Sea of Sand’

Walking on crater of Mt Bromo

The Final ascent of stairs to edge of crater.

Walking on crater of Mt Bromo

There are no shops but a few stalls serving water, hot coffee and snacks on this viewpoint.

It is advisable to carry a mask, not for protection from Sulfur fumes but from dust as horses/ponies keep prancing and spreading dust across Sea of Sand.

Walking on crater of Mt Bromo

One can do this route on ponies as well. Ponies will charge you from 35k IDR to 10k IDR, depending on your bargain.

Walking on crater of Mt Bromo

Mt Bromo is very religious for Bali Hindus so be considerate while visiting

Meter wide ledge can take us around the crater. Crazy! people will go around also to get more views. Its as dangerous as it looks!

National park area appears to be highly fertile considering the minerals ejected by volcanic activity. The fertility of the area can be imagined by looking at the farms en-route these viewpoints. We saw farms growing onion, potato, rice, tomatoes, red chilli, banana, cauliflower, corn and sugar canes in abundance.

Walking on crater of Mt Bromo

Mounds of Lava deposited on the bank of volcano

Mount Batok (Height: 2,440m)

is another inactive volcano at the north centre of the caldera. Volcano has some vegetation growing on it, mostly casuarina (cemara) trees that somehow manage to grow even on volcanic ash. Greenish-brown Mountain looks spectacular in otherwise barren landscape.

Walking on crater of Mt Bromo

By 7AM light was just perfect for photography but we had to move to our next destination, ancient Hindu temple, Pura Luhur Poten, at the base of Mt Bromo(Link opens in new tab). If photography is on your mind, you should stay longer. If you have time I will recommend seeing sunset as well. I think sunset will also be as dramatic as sunrise.

Mt Bromo is a perfect place for astro photography, if weather is clear. And even for time lapse. This time lapse video by Justin Ng(Link opens in new tab) blew me up. If Only you have ample time (and skills) !

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