Travel back in time, South Andamans

South Andamans

Kala Pani aka Cellular Jail

is main tourist attraction on mainland. Light show narrating the history of jail should not be missed. Major portion of the jail is said to fall due to an earthquake. Jail depicts the harsh nature of punishment offered to freedom fighters.
South Andamans
Entrace to Kala Paani
South Andamans
Seating complex where light show happens
South Andamans
Cell in cellular jail

Viper Island

was the site of jail before cellular jail was built. All construction now is in ruins.

Ross Island

was the administrative head quarters of Britishers before being shifted to Port Blair. Island is popular for ruins of the church, swimming pool and the chief commissioner’s residence with its huge gardens and grand ballrooms. There is also a cemetery and a small museum.
Ross Island
Ross island entry
Ross Island
All in ruins now

North Bay

is popular for doing scuba, jet skii, snorkelling , sea walk etc. You don’t need to know swimming to do scuba diving. Don’t miss it. You can also ride see through ferry boat for viewing corals.
North Bay i
Lighthouse on North Bay
North Bay i Some dead corals on sea shore

Corbyn’s Cove beach

is the closest to Port Blair. There is nothing too scenic about the beach. Sand is rather black. Popular with locals for swimming as it is in shape of bay area and watching the sunset. However, part of the beach was washed away by the 2004 tsunami.
Corbyn Beach

5 thoughts on “Travel back in time, South Andamans

    1. Ankur Post author

      Rajiv, we went quite early for the day. We had plans to rush to some island hoping after visit to Jail. Well you will be surprised to know, I have been to Andaman two times 🙂

  1. Andapo

    Wow… so jail a place for siteseeing as well… the building contruction is nice… so that kali pani is not a jail anyway, and the second jail picture you showed that you said in in ruins, was it a jail before kali paani jail… I have heard references mentioned about the jail here, British times I guess… Ross island looks interesting… with that climb in the green stuff photo and the entrace is interesting all water… nice you had good time…

    1. Ankur Post author

      Cellular Jail (also know as “Kala Pani”) was used by British to punish freedom fighters and criminals. Since this jail was built on an island there was no way for prisoners to escape. I am glad you liked this place. Though most of the tourist stick to Havelock islands, South Andamans has historic importance.

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