Street Photography Trails in Singapore – Part 1

Street Photography is a very subject genre of art. It can’t be described in words but can be only be described through visuals. In my quest to hone my street photography skills I have decided to do some “no agenda” photo-walks in heritage areas of Singapore whenever I can.

As you know I have not been shooting much off lately due to family commitments. But I want to get back to my usual shooting routine as soon as possible. Photography is my medication and meditation, and I need to get it regularly. I usually go out alone as I prefer walking on my pace and visiting or revisiting the places I want. I have been┬átrying to use my 50mm as my goto lens for street photography as it is very light, compact and has f/1.4 so I can shoot almost in no light as well. A Kopi C (Coffee) and a water bottle is my companion in all my walks. So that you don’t get lost, I have plotted a trail on Google map which you can use, to begin with. Obviously the more you explore the better it is.

Chinatown Trail

This is my top 1 place for street photography. Visit this trail for Chinese cultural heritage, Biggest Buddha Temple of Singapore, Street murals, laid-back life of locals, Chinese street food, Street shops and small alleys, lanterns, small souvenir shops, Chinese junk jewelry, ladies bags, Seafood etc


Lantern laden streets

A Lantern shop

A fruit seller

Bruce Lee?

Someone still socializes offline


Lanterns around Buddha Temple

Little India Trail

Little India is my top 2 place for street photography. Visit this trail for Indian cultural heritage, Hindu temples (2 of them), Indian food, wall arts, Filter coffee (at Anand Bhawan), Indian decoration (at Indian festivals), Indian sweets, local people, small colorful shops, Street markets, Shady backstreet alleys, coconut water, Dingy and loud music bars etc

Old World charm

Festival Decoration

Indian temple

Colorful row houses

Vibrant themes


Tiong Bahru Trail

Visit this trail for Singaporean cultural heritage. A local temple, wall arts, cafe shops, backstreets, landed houses etc

Green landed houses

Goat market

Olden days

Just another day

Also, check this amazing compilation of Street photography spots and photographs by Sandra on her blog

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