Sentosa : Butterfly Park & Insect Kingdom


Papilio lorquinianus: Sea green Butterfly

Located in Singapore’s Sentosa Island, surrounded with lush tropical greenery, Butterfly Park and Insect Kingdom showcases the stunning beauties of a different variety of beautiful butterflies and interesting insects.

All butterflies are left open in a huge caged room where they are free to fly around, so do not be surprised if they decide to come and sit over your head. Once you pass the cage, you will enter another cage where few colored parrots (Macaw, Parakeets etc) are kept and a beautiful herbivorous lizard, Iguana can be seen roaming. Followed by a another few rooms where butterfly and insect specimen are kept for display.

Well, only kids and Macro photographers will love Butterfly Park and Insect Kingdom. This place can be educational and entertaining for small kids but has nothing much to offer to larger section of tourists. So I think this place can be ignored if above criteria doesn’t match your requirements. Save your 16$ (entry ticket) and spend somewhere else.

Since I wanted to shoot some Macro of insects, I particularly spent almost half day clicking the elusive and most beautiful creation of nature. Some butterflies fly quite high and are not easily seen if you stay only for few minutes that why I decided to hang around till sun sets, that’s when they get down. Below images can certainly make you decide if it is worth a shot?





Top right is cocoon of Butterfly and other have just come out of it


A Great Mormon


A Common Rose


Herbivorous Lizard, Iguana

UWL-IMG_1478 (1)

I Liked this guys so much, I couldn’t resist taking a selfie 🙂


Left: Blue and Yellow Macaw || Right bottom: Parakeet || Right top: Top Knot Pigeon


Some more butterflies and scorpion (live, inside glass box)


For 5 bucks you can get yourself photographed with Macaw


Try to locate the Leaf Insect


Finally a educational exhibition for butterflies and insect found around the world and specimens

** All pictures posted here have been clicked using a Nikon D750 and Zeiss Macro 100mm ZF2 lens **

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    1. Ankur Post author

      If you love these tiny creatures, you have missed something beautiful. I observed that mostly small kids where coming to butterfly park though.

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