Reclining Buddha of Phuket

Wat Tham Suwan Kuha Temple (Phang Nga) or Cave temple

Reclining Buddha of Phuket

15m long Buddha Statue

While searching for places to see in Phuket I saw some pictures of reclining Buddha big statue in a limestone cave. Pictures looked appealing to me and I decided to give it a shot.

How to reach

Wat tham temple is located some 40 km away from Patong town and 10 km away from Phang Nga town. You need to rent a car to reach here or take a shared cab. There is no entry ticket to the cave. You will be greeted by notorious monkeys before the faded decorated gate of cave. The cave houses a golden reclining Buddha Statue. The statue is at least 15m long and surrounded by many other standing Buddha statues.

Reclining Buddha of Phuket

Entrance of cave

Reclining Buddha of Phuket

Beware of Monkeys at the entrance
Reclining Buddha of Phuket

Getting inside temple cave

Reclining Buddha of Phuket

Many other siting and standing Buddha statues

Reclining Buddha of Phuket

Other Buddha Statues

Once you cross the Buddha statue you can head left towards the limestone caves. Towering limestone pillars with intriguing figures made by seeping water is worth a visit. The place is relatively cooler due to dampness. If you are physically fit you are climb the top of the cave to get the top view of the cave. Remember there are no well laid stairs. The floor was a bit slippery so you need to cautious.

Reclining Buddha of Phuket


Reclining Buddha of Phuket

Compound for monks

From here, you can choose to go to James Bond Island or head to Krabi !!!

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    1. Ankur Post author

      I am glad you liked my post and dropped a note.
      Khao Phing Kan island (Phang Nga Bay) in Phuket is popularly called James Bond Island by locals, as one of James Bond Movie “The man with Golden Gun” was shot here.
      I am planning to do a detailed post on my visit to Phuket and will cover first hand information soon 🙂

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