Pure New Zealand (Photo series) – Milford Sound

** Milford Sound ** was definitely the highlight of South Island. Milford Sound (which is actually a fjord) is said to be created by Glacial Erosion. The striking landscape is characterized by steep rocky mountains (1200m+) on both sides. It is known as one of the wettest places on Eart due to intensive rainfall. It rained heavily a night before we visited, so could see at least 10 waterfalls every few kilometers. We luckily got some sunshine when we started our cruise, that when I got this picture.

Milford Sound, New Zealand, Exif – 30 sec, f/11, ISO 50, 19 mm. FIlters used – Polarizer, ND10, GND 6. Using polarizer, I was able to cut glares from water and reveal underlying rocks. Date – 12/02/17 11:30 AM

Pure New Zealand is a photo series of our 2 weeks self-drive family vacation in the southern island of Middle Earth. We crunched nearly 4000 km in 14 days, saw countless sheeps, dipped in glacial lakes, saw mighty glaciers, walked in Lupin (flower) fields, stayed in pristine valleys, jumped from a tiny plane from 15,000 feet, played in the mud, saw bluest pools and saw a truckload of Chinese tourists!

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