Photography Project : Filling the Void

I have been planning to do a personal project from quite some time now. But it’s hard to find a concept which can be easily shot in Singapore. I have tried to do something easy but often ignored. Sometimes I have felt an emptiness in my Cityscape shots. I thought, if a human element is added to these shots, it would greatly enhance the scene by “Filling the Void”. This human element will not only add scale to the image, will also act as a converging point for the viewers.This project is an attempt to progress from just another sunset/sunrise/Cityscape photography to a more meaningful and pleasing frames filled with a human touch.

Most of the times, it is difficult to find a ‘person’ who fits in my frame and stays stagnant for the duration of the shot. Most, if not all, shots in this series are long exposure shots ranging from 2 seconds to 60 seconds. I have tried to act as this ‘person’ in shots where I could not find anyone else. These shots are not about me. This ‘person’ is a faceless guy we see everywhere around us in the crowd.

Below are the Best Six Images from this project.

If you think, I was able to convey (or not convey) the idea behind the project, please drop a line in the comments section.


Sunrise at Merlion Park


Arts and Science Museum


Marina Bay Mall


Henderson Waves Bridge


Bedok Reservoir


Singapore Skyline

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