Photography Award – By Nikon

Guess who appreciated my work? Yeah, this one is straight from Nikon.

Earlier this year one of my photo was selected as best click for Chinese New year celebration theme.

This image was clicked in a busy China Town market in Singapore. Whole market was lit by lanterns and home decors. While this cleaner taking a break from his duty caught my attention. The whole idea behind this image was to show stark contrast in life of people who are well enough to spend money in celebrations and those who work on hand to mouth basis. Needless to say there is no joy in festivities if one does not have enough money to celebrate. Black and White conversion added to emotions to this image. Shot using Nikon D750 and 24-120mm f/4 lens.


I am grateful to Nikon for recognizing my work and sending me these goodies.



10 thoughts on “Photography Award – By Nikon

  1. Andapo

    Ankur, brilliant… more than the photo the thought behind it is brilliant that you choose to capture this and show to the world a fact of life no one really is that aware of(:

    1. Ankur Post author

      Well that’s a harsh reality of life. All festivals and celebrations are meaningless unless you have sufficient money to keep going. If someone says money can not buy happiness, I think he/she should meet this guy.
      I am glad you liked my image and emotions behind it.

      1. Andapo

        hmmm… check out Sudha Murthy’s views on it…she does not believe even birthdays are to be celebrated…. well life is life… good and bad…rich and poor… lucky and not so lucky, responsible and irresponsible…. many people have all the money and are unhappy…life is way more… only when you live life, u will want to celebrate, how you celebrate is upto u, big way or simple way(: …. sometimes doing nothing, being positive can give a lot of contentment in life and for that well you don’t need money… its the ability to make things different and enriching…anyway, but we need some money to be well off… in India you can’t survive without money atleast, place ridden with more difficulties and crimes than places like Singapore… but when you don’t have money, u can work hard and try to get it instead of worrying, maybe someday perhapes the same guy can celebrate in a big way… this guy’s story is different, he is already old…who knows maybe few days back he was rich, thing is he is all alone at the streets that is sad out here…anyway

        1. Ankur Post author

          Well this is too philosophical but it would still say it.
          If one is satisfied in life, contented, he is the happiest person on this earth. For, satisfaction leads to inner peace. You may have a billion dollars in your account but if you are not contented, you are still a poor person. Happiness will still elude you.

          1. Andapo

            Yes we have lot of money we can eat and travel to heart’s content… and get all cool fancy clothes…so yes money gives happiness or the power to be carefree and less stressed on seeing how to survive everyday(:

  2. hackernewbie

    Congratullations and a ver y well-deserved one. You have always been wonderful with the camera and this is, I am sure, one of the many more to come.

    This is a wonderful shot and so is the idea behind it. I am sure that idea surely would have played a significant role in Nikon’s decision while selecting this photo.

    Keep clicking more and more such wonderful photos!


    1. Ankur Post author

      Thanks buddy! A little recognition goes a long way I would say. And when it comes from such a big name, it means a lot.
      Hunger for photography and travel will never be satiated it seams.

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