Photography Award: Another one by Nikon

Happy New Year folks! There could not be a better post to start my New Year 2016.

Nikon organizes a monthly photography contest. Every month they decide a theme and review images submitted by nikonians. On 24 December Nikon announced that one of my image (below) has been selected as best in “Long Exposure” category.

Nikon's Announcement

Screen grab tool has reduced IQ of image considerably. See a high resolution image here (Link opens a new tab)

Nikon has sent me a hard case roller Trolley Bag as an award for winning the contest. Trolley bag has customizable camera and lens cushion area and can easily hold all my camera gear along with a pair of clothes as well. So now I have graduated from my DIY trolley rig to a dedicated trolley bag. The biggest question still looms, how do I fix my 2+ kg tripod to these trolley options?

My DIY trolley rig with Lowe PRO Runner 300 AW bag

Nikon Trolley Bag, against my 14″ laptop

I would have loved a more subtle black or grey color though!

My relation with Nikon is nothing new. Earlier last year I won a bag of goodies from Nikon for clicking best photo in the theme.

11 thoughts on “Photography Award: Another one by Nikon

    1. Ankur Post author

      Thanks Kat. The problem with catchy colors is that they attract unwanted attractions. Further this big Nikon tag on trolley will make sure this will never be returned if taken in checkin baggage 😉

  1. Andapo

    Congragulations(: you deserve that trolley suitcase and I like the color scheme bright yellow… well I think you travellers are romantics as well, read a post by Rajiv blogger on train and rains and the descriptions make lovely imagery and beauty a very innocent poetry… this is capturing of Nature’s paint… somewhere we become silent don’t we and let things be the way it is… I wanted to post this song for you last time when you said you want to fall in love go travel to Spiti Valley – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_fYNXYLPQM4 … you know I went to a village Kolar for some health screening as volunteer and things are completely different there(: … not the place but people, like one person is 30 years old and is a grand mom… these facts are intriguing. I mean world is a very large space with different things. Keep clicking (: photo artist.

    1. Ankur Post author

      Thanks. Unfortunately this color scheme may draw unwanted attention so i have to be really careful. Rajiv is a charmer.. He likes making subtle prose out of every experience.
      Best part of traveling is to know and broaden our thought processes. 30 years and grand mother … Woah, who could have imagined !!!

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