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Ankur Sharma, is a photographer based in Singapore. He has been actively learning about photography since 2013. He has been experimenting with Candid Couple/Family shoots, Baby Portraits, Outdoor Events like Birthdays, and Travel genre of photography passionately all along. His love for capturing real life emotions and people has made him competent enough to capture any event while keeping the artificial facet away. He believes in showing the true aspect of human life and moments through his photos.

Though he has been shooting a lot of events, he has recently started building his portfolio for guests. His portfolio might be new, his camera is dusty.

Man behind the Camera

Camera Equipment

If you would like to know what camera equipment I use, please check this post


Please check his portfolio for more details and real life captures.



For any photography work or collaboration you can contact me using any of the channels below

Email : ultrawidelife@gmail.com

Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/ultrawidelife/

Phone : +65 – 9824 Nine Zero Seven Four

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