Kalaa Utsavam : Indian Festival of Arts


Kalaa Utsavam is an annual festival that celebrates Indian arts during the festive period of Deepavali – the Festival of Lights. Launched in 2002 as a three-day festival, Kalaa Utsavam has since grown into a 10-day festival that presents an exciting selection of classical to contemporary performances by acclaimed Indian artists from Singapore and beyond.

The festival opens at 6pm on 20 Nov 2015 with a special performance featuring traditional Gujarati dances at Esplanade Forecourt Garden.


I attend “Krishnattam” show performed by a group from Kerala and it was really amazing to watch. Show was very precisely choreographed and engrossing. Specially for Indian who know the story being enacted. A french friend who accompanied me, had hard time understanding the context of show and left early.

This show was about how Krishna killed Kansa to free Vasudeva from prison. Images from the show.


Narada Muni saving Vasudev from Kansa


Balram and Krishna

UWL-Images1 (2)

Host of the stage, musician and Kansa




Open air theatre was jam packed



 Finally Krishna and Balram meets their real parents after killing Kansa

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    1. Ankur Post author

      Thanks Sonia. I wanted to peep into makeup room but that was out of bound for general public.
      I, however, caught a few artists backstage in interval duration. You can see a few close up shots of artists which i clicked during interval

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