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Coney Island, also known as Pulau Serangoon, is a 50 hectare island off the coast of North Eastern Singapore. Island itself is only 100m from mainland and connected via bridge to Punggol. Coney Island has been recently opened to general public on October 2015 so not many people are aware of this island. I decided to visit the island before it turns into another public island with hordes of cyclist and groups flocking in every weekend.

Coney Island Park is left in rustic form to preserve originality. This is an ecologically sustainable park with many environmental initiatives. It focuses on conserving energy and water, recycling and retaining of the natural elements in the park. Very few constructions have been done to avoid human foot prints. A riding track in built to assist cyclists and pedestrians.


What to do in Coney Island

Play area for kids

Timber from uprooted Casuarina trees has been used into park signage, seats, benches, boardwalk, and kids play area. Kids will have a great time playing in open area.


Nature Walking

Explore the forest and mangrove habitats by walking on the newly built boardwalk and move on to the five beach pockets. Beware of sand flies on the beach, which have been left deliberately. Sand flies bite can be really itchy and painful. If possible wear a full sleeve shirt and pants.




A Beach pocket


You may bring your own cycle of may rent one from Punggol Point Park. You can easily cycle round the island in couple of hours with many leisure breaks.



Cycling Track



A Beach Pocket


Island is home to a wide variety of fauna and flora.See my macro images from the island here(Link opens in new tab).



A few bird watching aviaries have been created for providing shade to people while keeping an eye on winged residents. I am not really a bird watcher but it is said to host 80 species of birds so can be a good bet for bird watchers.


One of many Bird Watching/Shelter aviaries

Important Tips
  • No shops have been setup on the island. So make sure you carry enough food and water.
  • Its can be really hot through day time. A hat would be really handy if it is a sunny day.
  • No shelters have been created on beach pockets. Carry a mat if you want to have a picnic near the beach.
  • There is only one restroom, towards the end of park (if you are starting from Punggol).
  • Island is off the power grid, so make sure you return back before sunsets.
  • A free roaming Brahman cow can spotted but its harmless creature.



Beach looks pretty clean as compared to other beaches of Singapore

Opening Hours

7am to 7pm

Getting there

From Punggol interchange, take bus no 84 to Punggol Point Park/Punggol Settlement (6 stops later). Walk about 500m east along the Seafood centres on Punggol Promenade Nature Walk to get to Coney Island West Entrance.


At Punggol Settlement



Park Map


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