Graffiti in Little India

While more or less everything is too controlled in Singapore, I was surprised to see a few Graffiti in Little India area. Little did I realize at that time that these are commissioned work of art and few more places in Singapore have Graffiti walls. I have passed through these Graffiti walls a few times but never stopped down to click them. Last week I decided to take my camera along, as I was on my monthly visit to Mustafa Center, to refill some frozen food stuff.

Finding these Graffiti walls in not too easy for first time visitors. First spot is near Desker Road. Road is mainly known for world’s oldest profession, mainly dominated by women. As first time visitors will generally avoid shady areas, one need to pass along a few houses with “Red Lights” and staring ladies. Especially as I was not a customer and carrying a big camera 😉
But once you know where to locate these walls, you can confidently pass along.

Finally some signature work of El Mac in street of Singapore.



Other Spot in Near Perumal Road, just near the South Indian temple. If you manage to end up here after sunset, you may still collide with some pick up girls.


No that man walking past in not the part of Graffiti 😉




9 thoughts on “Graffiti in Little India

  1. Kat

    Wow, Singapore has graffiti?! Hahah..you know we Malaysians always make fun of how Singapore is so controlled and almost every form of entertainment on the island is man-made 🙂 But I must say, the street art is cool stuff. Great capture, Ankur 🙂

    1. Ankur Post author

      I have taken your comments very seriously Kat. I will dig and bring out each graffiti from Singapore now 😉
      Actually at first I was also surprised to see it but then I thought these might be just a few old places about which no one cares. Later as I visited more places I realized these are commissioned work of art. However, as per law no one can make graffiti else where in Singapore, it is prohibited by law and comes under vandalization of property.
      What you said is also true. Everything on this island is man made!

        1. Ankur Post author

          People may despise Graffiti, it may be associated with hooliganism but everyone loves “Street Art” 😉

  2. hackernewbie

    I don’t know if I am the only one but these days I am seeing a lot of wonderful graphiti art from almost all parts of the world.
    It’s wonderful to see one more lively graphiti collection which as always, you have captured beautifully.


    1. Ankur Post author

      Rajiv bhai, as the world is getting smaller, art around the world is being displayed at a larger stage. So its not only you, i have also noted graffitied across the world being talked about and shared now. Isnt it beautiful how great time is the time we are living in? We have easy access and exposure to what’s happening across the globe.

        1. Ankur Post author

          And what makes it even more sweeter is that we are the pioneer generation which has seen the change happening. We know the difference between “then” and “now”.
          Unfortunately, future gens may take this for granted.

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