Graffiti in Kampong Glam

Well, I am a local tourist. I love exploring back alleys of Singapore with my camera whenever I get some free cycles.The amalgamation of various cultures has made this country a melting pot of colorful architectures and a mosaic of old and new arts. If you want to get a feel of Chinese culture head to China town, for Indian culture head to Little India and for Malay Muslim culture head to Kampong Glam.


Few weeks back I decided to go around Kampong Glam area. Kampong is a Malay word for “village”. Kampong Glam was once mainly inhabited by Malay Muslim people. To present day we can see influence of Muslim architecture in old shops and construction style.Be it famous Sultan mosque or local shops selling carpets, home decors like wall hanging and lamps etc, Muslim dresses all reflect the rich cultural influence of Malay community. There is even a Malay Cultural heritage Centre behind Sultan Mosque.

What’s the best mode of exploring an area other than Jalan Jalan (In Malay, means walking) ? trust me there is none. I got down from Bugis MRT, which is the nearest MRT to Arab street. And started my walk along the “Victoria street”. Street is a main road and beaming with amazing eateries and cafes. Most of the cafes serve snacks like sandwiches, cakes, coffee and beer.

Though nothing beats the charm of Arab Street after sunset. Haji Lane is the most popular area among hipsters and young people. Check my detailed Arab Street: My favorite hangout place in Singapore (Link opens in new tab)

But today we are not in Friday eve mode. We want to explore Kampong art murals with day light remaining.

Victoria Street

presented me with some works of Zach

Girl with a Golden Cub

Girl with a Golden Cub

A 3D art

A 3D art

After clicking some wall arts or graffiti along the “Victoria street” I turned around from “Jln Sultan road” towards the Malay heritage centre exploring all back alleys. These street arts keep on changing. I realised that few art murals have disappeared from my earlier visits and new have come up.

Haji Lane

has the most colorful walls. Most works are done by ZNC and Didier here.








Photographers and hipster are equally attracted to this street. Shisha joints on this street is another attraction. Following the popularity of old arts, some shops have have got it done separately. Walk along this street is a visual treat.

As you have seen Singapore is full of wall graffitis. But please don’t be mistaken that anyone can paint any wall. Painting any wall in Singapore without legal consent of owner is a offence. All arts shows above are commissioned works of Art. I follow @singaporestreetart  on Instagram to get notified of new and old installation happening.

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3 thoughts on “Graffiti in Kampong Glam

  1. hackernewbie

    Fantastic! The more I get to see graffitis, the more I fall in love with them.

    I saw few of them in Gokarna last week but they were nothig significant.


    1. Ankur Post author

      Thanks Rajiv bhai. Art lover like you would definitely admire graffiti walls. There are ample shooting locations in Singapore and Malaysia. Just gear up you, have a local guide in both the places !!

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