Graffiti in Clarke Quay

If you haven’t been to Clarke Quay on your trip to Singapore, you have not seen the local hangout night joint of Singapore. I have been planning to write a post on this soon but I do not take my camera along whenever I visit Clarke. Looks like I need to visit specially to click some pictures.

However this post is not about night life in Clarke Quay. This post shows some significant Graffiti arts near Clarke and Boat Quay area. I am fond to exploring back alleys as well as old/shady gullies across city. This has led me to view and locate some of the best (perhaps illegal) work of art as Graffiti. Most of these have been once or still are commissioned areas for Graffiti. Remember this is Singapore and nothing happens here unless approved by the government.

First spot to locate Graffiti arts is along the back alleys of Boat Quay area. Though normally avoided as these alleys are used by bar/restaurants support staff.




Second spot is the underpass connecting Boat Quay to Clarke mall.








BTW, have you seen Graffiti in Little India ?

Next area that i am planning to explore is the Kampong Glam. Stay tuned for Graffiti’s from there soon!

3 thoughts on “Graffiti in Clarke Quay

    1. Ankur Post author

      Wow! thanks for sharing the link. A very motivating story.
      I do not think I can take this call. Will never get enough courage to quit everything and travel.

      1. Minty Mile

        Well shared this link to my chithi… or aunty she called them useless people… so I guess not everyone will take to this crazy endeavour however cool it is… I know its huge huge inspiration… how they are managing to travel the whole world… and after that build money for daily life and maybe family again… they just too awesome(:(: not everyone can be like them… and this is one people why many youngsters don’t listen to parents because parents will definitely discourage them from doing these things(: … anyway yeah I think you have another calling that could be equally crazy as well… goodday

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