Fiery Sunset over the City – A Timelapse

Last weekend was a long weekend due to Easter in Singapore. I was itching to go out and shoot. My camera has been biting the dust for some time now. The weather was disappointing as it had been raining throughout the day. Somehow we are experiencing an elongated monsoon in Singapore this year. Normally monsoon subsides by March. The sky was plain gray, colorless, lifeless… I was not even sure if I would get a single photo. Anyways I decided to give it a shot. A neighboring building has 34 floors and has an unobstructed view of the city. I climbed the high rise building in hope of some cloud patterns. As expected, clouds were not interesting.

We all live with a hope. And as they say, every cloud has a silver lining, I set up my camera in timer shooting mode with an aim to click a time-lapse video. Who know it might rain again with thunderstorms and I get some nice action in the sky. Heights of optimism you would say! But hey nothing to loose 😉

As sunset progressed, I was appalled by the cloud cover. Gradually clouds were moving east and Sun was barely visible. Thankfully I stayed till the climax. And what a climax! brilliant! Fiery Sunset was in store. The entire sky was almost filled with flames. The show lasted for about 20 mins but it was worth all the efforts. I watched it with eyes wide open. Some sunsets in life are to be remembered. This is one of them. Two hours of the day when compressed to 30 seconds look like this. Please watch the video in Full Screen.

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