A Coffee with Cats at The Cat Cafe


The concept of Cat Cafe’s is not very new to the world. World’s First Cat Cafe was opened in Taiwan in 1998 and the concept gained high popularity in Japan as well. However in recent few years, this concept has got a global recognition. We have as many as five Cat Cafes in Singapore already.
Recently my photography buddies decided to have a meet at The Cat Cafe in Bugis. As I have been looking forward to visit one of the cat concept cafe from sometime, this was a welcome invitation for me.

Located near Bugis junction, Cat Cafe houses around 15 stray and adopted cats. Cafe is characterized by a tastefully designed seating arrangement for visitors and tree house structures for cats. In short a purrfect place for petting cats while sipping a coffee in a wonderful Cafe.



Be assured to be served a wonderful coffee and pastries


Cozy seating arrangement


“Missy” giving me a innocent look


The Cat cafe

Tastefully designed structures to let Cats feel at home



“Jimmy” the Beautiful Eyes one… 🙂


This one is named “Tuxedo”. Tuxedo steals the show 🙂

The Cafe Cafe, charges a entry fee of 15$ for unlimited time (as compared to hourly rate in other cafes) and includes a free soft drink in it. You may get it converted to a coffee with a small top up amount.

Cafe is kept very clean and managing team is extremely hospitable. I liked the freshly brewed cappuccino and pastries served by the cafe.

If you are a Feline and Coffee lover like me, The Cat Cafe, is the place to be!


Petting cats while sipping a cup of coffee


“Elly”, The Trendy one


7 thoughts on “A Coffee with Cats at The Cat Cafe

  1. Andapo

    We had a pet cat named Browny(:… it looked like the lovely brown cat here… I remember it even now… I wish we were better to it though, we were worried when it went out and never came back for hours and used to trouble us to let it go out… quite independent mostly, had loads of stray cat friends and brought home fighter cats that we found difficult to drive off… it loved kids I heard… anyway… nice… in India cats love to laze around and in Chennai loads of them were there at a place called drive in(: … well anyway this is for you https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TNY0rPbJdwk … garfield

    1. Ankur Post author

      Never seen Indian people petting a cat. Good to know you had one.
      Unlike dogs, cats prefer to roam around freely without bothering to get back home. Unless they are hungry of’course.
      A amazing pet by the way. I love photographing cats and I am regular to Cat cafes since they are maintain and groom cats very well.
      Garfield has been a favorite for a long time. Thanks for sharing 🙂

      1. Andapo

        Well… my cat Browny was a Persian cat that can live for 17 years… it was a very playfull kitten but no one was there at home to play with it, only Mom and she well did not give attension to it…so it grew and began having night outs… when I was there I used to chase it and caugh it and trouble it by giving a bath, it hates that… it came to a different city with us and was put in a flat… it used to go floor to floor, house to house and once I remember it was put on the balcany, pillar top because it was pestering to go out to appease it we put it up the balcony pillar, it liked sitting there unafraid of the 7 floor height… one day it rained and roads were full of water and it went near the transformer and got eletricuted or got schock behind its ear… it was not well looks like was taken to hospital and was given gas treatment…later we found out it got hurt on the ear… it was too late… it was taken to a bigger pet hospital and put on drips… it died): … my big regret was I was not there for it in this circumtances because I was in college at a different City and those days was not that confident to travel alone even short distance by train): … but perhapes it was a sign, because 2 months later my grand mom died… and I did not want to travel alone but my friends told you have to go silly at circumtances like this and so I went there… ages a go I guess 10 years back…time flies fast…anyway…goodday… aother video for you…https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bRrIsmlf2kk&index=4&list=LLEgU1fOeU_w4T50ZvTJBdjw

        1. Ankur Post author

          Sad to know about how you lost your cat. Its unfortunate that we fail to value important things in our life till its too late sometimes. I never owned a cat. may own a dog once i move to a bigger house though.

  2. hackernewbie

    To pet lovers, this seems to be a wonderful to have a cup of coffee while toying a friendly fur of ball!
    It looks like the primary charges are for being in the cafe which seems to be the primary reason for people going there as well, no?

    1. Ankur Post author

      Yep Rajiv. An entry fees is charged for being in the cafe. Maintaining a place with so many pets, clean and hygienic would be a tough task. Singaporeans are very particular about hygiene. I think, this is the first thing you will notice about them when you visit here 😉
      Another cat cafe (in Singapore) charges a per hourly fees.

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