Blue water and White Sands of Havelock Island, Port Blair

Havelack Island
Radhanagar beach (Beach number 07) is listed as one of the worlds most beautiful beaches. This is a pure silky white sand beach with a backdrop of green mountain. Sea water is very clean and you see multiple shades of green Рblue waters from shore. If government does some development in this region, the place can easily give places like Thailand run for money.  Not much Indian tourist go there. Mostly visited by foreigners. Island has very basic amenities.
Island has a weird way of numbering the beaches instead of naming. Beach number #7 Radhanagr beach is the most popular beach. Other beaches are Beach #5 (Vijay Nagar Beach) and Beach #1 where ferries arrive.
Scooba diving and snorkelling are two main attractions on the island. We did not do both of these unfortunately due to scarcity of time.
There are few resorts on the island but they have very basic facilities. Island has two ATMs but please do not rely on the ATMs. Better carry enough cash, as all resorts do not accept credit/debit cards.
There are few small local shops which sell daily use items. Most of local shop keeper come here for day time. They return back to Andaman’s by last ferry as Island has sporadic or no power supply and they prefer returning back to home for night.
Local shared jeeps and auto rickshaws ply between beaches. If you have time, you can walk around beaches.
Havelock Islands, Port Blair
Seculed ways to lesser number of tourist
Havelock Islands, Port Blair
 Blue water and green lansdcape looks relaxing
Havelock Islands, Port Blair
Sliky white sand adds to the charm
Havelock Islands, Port Blair
What an excellent shack to spend the day !
How to reach:
2-3 ferries move daily from Andaman’s to Havelock. Travel time is 2-4 hours. Ferry cost is approx. 250INR for general non AC room and 350INR for AC chaired cabins. If weather is nice I would suggest to take 250INR ticket and travel on deck. Amazing experience of its own. We bought did not get AC chair car ticket for going so we traveled on deck. While return we got AC chair cabin ticket.
Other option is to go by luxury yacht. It will cost 700-900 INR and will take 1 hour travel time.
Since the number of trips are limited. It is recommended to pre book or come early to get first position in queue for ticket.

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