15 Reasons Why I love Singapore’s Changi Airport

  1. Free Foot Massage Machines

    How many airports across the globe features free massages for travelers? I think none. But Changi airport offers massaging machines on departure terminal near departure gates. To tell you a truth, this is one of the reasons, I reach airport early. Nothing beats the experience of hot coffee and a massage relaxing your feet 😉

  2. Free to use Snooze Lounge

    Changi has a dedicated sleeping area for transiting passengers. Ever tried spending a night at the airport to catch early morning flight next day? If you have tried, you will know how inconvenient it is to sleep on seats.

  3. Beat this, Free Movies!

    If you have time to spare at Changi Airport, you don’t have to worry about a lack of entertainment. Die-hard movie fans will find the Movie Theatres in Terminals 2 & 3 the best place to spend their time when transiting at Changi Airport. You can enjoy movies of different genres at both Terminal 2 and Terminal 3. These screenings are available free-of-charge for your viewing pleasure and these entertainment hubs are open 24 hours daily

  4. No Immigration queue for Singapore Residents

    If I go to my home country, India, I have to stand in queue for 20-30 minutes to clear immigration process. But in Singapore, I do not have to stand in any queues. All Citizens, PR, and workers in Singapore can entry or exit through automated queues. They are supposed to scan passport and thumbprints for verification. Though tourists may not be able to enjoy this convenience. But it definitely means little queue for them. I find this system to be more secure and efficient.

  5. Free Singapore tour for transiting passengers

    I have never used this tour but I suggested this to a friend (flying to Australia). And he was pretty impressed by the services. Isn’t it a wonderful gesture for a country to provide a tour for transiting visitors. And that too free. Changi may have won many awards (Changi has been voted best airport of the worlds for two years in a row now) but also won my heart.
    A transiting passenger must have at least 6 hours between connecting flights to avail this tour. If you are interested in knowing eligibility and other details check this official link.

  6. Food courts inside terminal do not sell at inflated rates

    Nothing pisses me more than the ridiculously high price of coffee and sandwiches on airports. Thankfully all food prices are regulated on Changi airport. I can buy coffee at Starbucks at the same price as I get it outside the airport. I generally prefer to catch early morning flights. Having a filling breakfast is what I prefer before flying. My usual breakfast includes kaya toast from toast box and black coffee. All in for 4.5S$

  7. Connectivity

    Trains From/To city center terminates right next to airport terminal. This means very little walking is involved for commuters. I do not have to worry about reaching airport early as I can estimate my travel time precisely. Only another airport I have seen such arrangement is HongKong airport. These days all cities are trying to make airport easily accessible but Changi takes one step further by reducing travel time to a minimum.

  8. Efficiency and Services

    From entering the airport to leaving the airport, there is one thing that can not unnoticed. Highly efficient staff. Smooth functioning ensures a pleasant experience for users. Washrooms, drinking water kiosks, waiting areas, travelators, passenger carts, luggage trolleys are all well maintained, clean and properly arranged. There is also a provision for the motored cart for needy.

    Free sampling. Anyone?

  9. Amazing Orchid/Cactus/Butterfly garden

    While I do not visit the Orchid garden every time. First time I visited Orchid/Cactus garden, I found it interesting and a good way to spend any transit time. I think it is a great place for kids. There is also an “Enchanted Garden”. It is a small garden which has a light and sound shows. It is a must visit for me every time I depart from Changi.

    The Enchanted Garden

  10. Kids Play area

    There is dedicated kids play area for kids aged 2-12 years.

    One of many kids play area

  11. Kinetic Rain

    Kinetic Rain is the world’s largest kinetic sculpture. 1,216 raindrops made of aluminum and highly polished copper, controlled by 1,216 individual motors, swirl and dance to depict the joy of travel. The sculpture is a treat to watch. It is hard to miss when passing through terminal 1.

  12. Swimming Pool with Jacuzzi

    Who would not like to recharge in a swimming pool and Jacuzzi while transiting or returning home after a tiring journey? To use the swimming pool and jacuzzi visitors need to pay 17$. It is a great to let hair down and rejuvenate oneself.

  13. Free Internet and Gaming zone

    Changi airport offers free wifi. Near the immigration gate, a hoarding mentions the username and password to connect to airport wifi. There are over 550 pop-up kiosks with computers, which can be used if you can want to surf the internet. All chairs in the waiting lounge have charging station points. There is a separate gaming area. Gamers can spend a good time playing Play Station and XBOX 360. What else do boys want 😉

  14. Aesthetics and Interior designing

    Social media kiosks, the fish ponds, Supertree grove miniature sculpture and several other structures have been constructed with the intention of providing a great experience to commuters. Multiple small gardens make sure, commuters enjoy natural aspects as well.


    One of many small garden

  15. Feel good factor

    There is something money can not buy. It’s the feel-good factor Changi offers. It doesn’t matter if I am traveling business class or budget class, I am treated warmly by everyone at the airport. I am always excited to be at Changi airport. It might sound insane but I generally reach airport early to roam around. It is this ultimate experience for me that makes Changi my favorite airport.

    Koi Pond

PS: I own a Work Visa in Singapore.

Do you have any favorite airport? let us know!

5 thoughts on “15 Reasons Why I love Singapore’s Changi Airport

    1. Ankur Post author

      Thanks for dropping by Rajiv. Last time I was traveling to India I had my flight at 2 AM but I reached the airport around 10 PM so that I can spend some time using the Free facilities and exploring the recreational areas 😉
      I imagine if someone is transiting he/she can have an awesome time at the airport.

  1. A

    Excellent piece!!!
    Very helpful. I wish some newspaper like, say Hindustan Times(Mint supplement), would carry such guest articles.
    Have forwarded link to others as well…

    Thank you very much and keep publishing.


    1. Ankur Post author

      Hi Atul, Thanks for your comment. I am sure Newspaper share a lot of useful content but they are a business house and eye only what makes them money 😉
      It’s great you have spread the word 🙂


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